Genesis II-Design Notes

Design Notes


What is harder than rock, or softer than water?

Yet soft water hollows out hard rock.




The logo

The logo is derived from a petroglyph. While discussing the idea for Water Traveller,, a friend sent me a picture of a petroglyph, believed to indicate the presence of water, attributed to the Zuni People of North America. The logo symbolises two chalices. It also symbolises two hands with curled fingers interlocking. Or 2 dolphins. Or…

The font is 71 pt. Desdemona (all font sizes in this website use prime numbers). It symbolises rock worn down and smoothed by water and time.

 Put together, text (one word higher than the other) and logo are meant to represent the flow of water. The river flows along until it falls, turning in and back on itself, until it emerges from an underground cavern to resume its journey.

The web font

I spent long (but enjoyable) hours trying to intuit the most appropriate web font for the site.

I felt a serif font would be most appropriate for the header fonts (see sidebar), as it symbolises the movement of water down a rock face (have you ever noticed that there are no right angles in nature? Geometry is a human idea) and then trickling out onto a plain or rock shelf. I chose Alegreya for this reason; a serif font with a more worn feel. 

For the body font, I opted (after much searching and comparison) for Lato, a sans-serif Google font. I liked the smoothed and open feel, along with a sense of timelessness brought about the antique feel of the loops, shoulders and ears of the letters.

Something on Serif

There was something about the word ‘serif ‘which resonated. I looked it up.

Serif is in many ways a keyword for this project. Its etymology is from the Dutch noun schreef, meaning line, stroke or write. That seemed fitting. I am a writer, and my great-great-grandfather was a Dutch sailor, who settled here in in Hokianga, and became a harbour pilot.

A traveller on the water.

My research also seemed to indicate that it could also refer to water dripping down a rock face. More fitting.

Then one last synchronicity. I found that the design application I had used to fashion the logo was  builts by an English software company called Serif.

 All things interconnect.

The colour scheme

 All the colours chosen for this website are  bluish hues, meant to convey the infinite variations  of the colour of water in its many states and moods.

 O, and the link colour is a red hue, for it is the colour of blood, the river which flows inside each of us.

serif_petroglyph 1